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Fiberglass Pipe & Fittings

• GRE Surface Pipe
• GRE Oilfield Downhole Tubing
• FRP Industrial and Civil Construction Pipe Lines

General Advantages:
1) High mechanical and physical properties with light weight and extremely long working durability
2) Corrosion resistance to varieties of harmful media
3) Ideal working temperature range from ‐30℃ to 120℃, meets with most of the environmental requirements in petroleum, chemical and construction industries
4) Working pressure capability from 5.5Mpa to 32Mpa
5) Smooth inner surface, excellent flow characteristics without scale and wax deposit
6) Low heat transmission, minimum thermal expansion
7) Electricity non‐conductive

Main Applications:
1) Pipe line for Oil and gas transportation.
2) Pipe line for Chemical / Petro‐chemical processing facilities.
3) Oilfield downhole tubing string.
4) Oilfield water injection.
5) Enhanced oil recovery with polymer, CO2, Nitrogen injection.
6) Water supply.
7) Cooling tower, chimney, smoke desulfuration devices.

Some international and national specifications performed:
• API Std 5B: Specification for threading, gauging, and thread inspection of casing, tubing, and line pipe threads.
• API RP 5B Recommended Practice for Gauging and Inspection of Casing, Tubing and Pipe Line Threads
• GB 2577 Fiberglass reinforced plastic resin content test method
• GB 5349 Fiberglass reinforced thermosetting plastic pipe axial tensile performance test method


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