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Dynatec International Ltd. is a Canadian Subsidiary of COSTRENGTH PETRO-CHINA Machinery Co., Ltd. We supply Rod Strings, Tubing Strings, PC Pumps & Parts, Flowline Products, Well Servicing Tools, Fiberglass Products and Scintillation detectors to our customers and continue to bring in new product lines to meet our customer needs. We pride ourselves on our reliable service and our strong commitment to quality. 

COSTRENGTH PETRO-CHINA Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of high quality products to the Oil and Gas industry in North America and around the world. The head office is located and registered at Huayuan S/T zone of TEDA, Tianjin, and the manufacturing facilities are located at Shanggulin, Dagang, Tianjin. The manufacturing facilities of COSTRENGTH PETRO‐CHINA are equipped with CNC lathes, CNC tubing threading machines, milling and drilling machines, etc. The facilities are also equipped with a complete set of inspecting equipments, including MPI, ultrasonic test, hydraulic pressure test and load test.

The company was granted API monogram with API 5CT-1206 and API 7K-0279 for the products of tubing spider and other tubing products. We also supply monogrammed Sucker Rods and Sucker Rod Pumps under API 11B and API 11AX.


  Rod String
» Sucker Rods & Pony Rods
» Polished Rods
» Sucker Rod Couplings
» Polished Rod Clamps
» Rod Centralizer
» Stuffing Box
Well Servicing Tools
» Tubing Spiders
» Tubing Elevators
» Sucker Rod Elevators
Flowline Products
» Hammer Unions
» Swivel Joints & Pup Joints
» Tubing Couplings
Fiberglass Products
» Fiberglass Pipe & Fittings
» Other Fiberglass Products
Scintillation Detectors
» Sodium Iodide Nal (TI)

Subsidiary of CONSTRENGTH PETRO-CHINA Machinery Co., Ltd. Copyright @ 2012 Dynatec International Ltd.