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Sucker Rod Elevators

Sucker Rod Elevators are carefully engineered and manufactured to provide maximum rod string protection, ease of handling and operation, and wear resistance. The seat for the rod upset radius is machined to produce a precision fit, thus preventing both tilting of the elevator body and local stressing or kinking of the rods.

The one-piece body is made of alloy steel, heat-treated for extra strength and wear resistance; the forged bail is stiffened at the bend with an “I” section to prevent binding under maximum loads.

Two pressure-sensitive latches close on the rod automatically, securely locking it in place. The rod can be released quickly and easily, by thumb and finger pressure alone, at either the front or rear of the body.


Solid Body Sucker Rod Elevator
Size Fit for Sucker Rod
SR58 5/8”- 3/4”
SR68 3/4”- 7/8”
SR88 1”
SR98 1- 1/8”




Plate Type Sucker Rod Elevator
Size Fit for Sucker Rod
SR100 5/8”,3/4”,7/8”,1”



Parts List

Item Description
1 Bail
2 Body
3 Latch-Front and Rear Release (2)
4 Lever
5 Spring
6 Ring, Trunnion (2)
7 Pin, Spring
8 Plate, 5/8”, 3/4”
  Plate, 3/4”, 7/8”
  Plate, 1”
9 Pin, Plate







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