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API Steel Sucker Rods & Pony Rods

The sucker rods we supplied are manufactured from high-quality steel material. All rods are heat-treated with Quenching and Tempering process to ensure the reliable consistency of mechanical and metallurgical properties. Chemical composition and mechanical properties of the steel sucker rods and pony rods meet with API specification 11B.

The rod ends are machined with NC lathes for best accuracy and surface finish. The rod threads are cold rolled in conformity of API Specification. A strict quality control and testing procedures are performed.

Sucker Rod Selections

Rod Size Grade Material Standard Length
5/8”,  3/4” D special Per API 11B 25’
7/8”, 1” D alloy Per API 11B
1 1/8” HD AISI 41XX

Material for the rods can be the international standard steel or the equivalent of Chinese Standard steel per customers request and availability.

Pony rods are available in all sizes, with length from 2’ through 12’ in 2’ interval.


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