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Tubing Elevators

The center-latch tubing elevator can handle plain or upset tubing. The two halves of the elevator are of equal weight, providing proper balance for easier opening and closing. A safety latch prevents accidental opening of the elevator during serviceoperation.

Pulling on the latch disengages it and opens the elevator. Closing the two halves of the elevator automatically resets the latch in the locked position.


• Safety latch and latch lock design
• Rear handle for safer handling
• Capacity: 100 ton (90.7 Metric Ton)

Parts List

1 Body, Elevator, L 7 Link block
2 Body, Elevator, R 8 Latch lock
3 Hinge shaft 9 Spring, latch lock
4 Pin, hinge shaft 10 Pin, latch lock
5 Grease fitting 11 Latch
6 Pin, link block 12 Spring, latch
  Bolt & nut, link block 13 Pin, latch





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