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Tubing Spiders

Costrength Models C, CHD and B tubing spiders can handle various tubing sizes and load ratings. The slip body is assembled in two halves with 4 slip body elements. The slip inserts fit into the slip body elements.

The spider and slip bodies are made from high strength alloy steel castings to provide the greatest strength and longest wear life with a minimum of weight. All shafts and links are made from hardened steel. All bearings and shafts are provided with grease fittings for lubrication. The slip assemblies are machined as matched sets and incorporate with inserts which provide full 360° of contact with the pipe.

A manually operated safety latch can be used to positively lock the slips in their set position, down and engaged, to prevent accidental release of the tubing string.


• Choices of models for varying size ranges and tonnage ratings for single string operations
• Interchangeable slip assemblies (within a model size)
• 360° replaceable inserts
• Air or hydraulic operation

Parts List

Item Part No. Description Item Part No. Description
1 CS-103 Link 8 CS-123 Grease Fitting
2 CS-104 Left Hand Shaft 9 CS-124 Bushing, Shaft
3 CS-105 Right Hand Shaft 10 CS-125 Bushing, Link
4 CS-106 Lift Arm 11 CS-128 Coupling
5 CS-107 Yoke 12 CS-135 Safety Latch
6 CS-119 Taper Pin, Lift arm 13 CS-136 Bolt, Safety Latch
7 CS-122 Retaining Ring   CS-140 Air Cylinder Assembly




Other Accessories:

• Spider Body
• Slip Body
• Slip Body Inserts2
• Semi Finished Gate
• Air Cylinder Guard


 110,000 Lbs,
55 Ton, 50 MT  
 165,000 Lbs,
82.5 ton, 75 MT
 250,000 Lbs,
125 ton, 113.5 MT
 4-3/4" DIA.  
 6-1/2" DIA.  
 6-1/2" DIA.  
 1.315" to 3-1/2"  
 1.315" to 5-1/2"  
 1.315" to 5-1/2"  
75 MT @ 5 min.
115 MT @ 5 min.
175 MT @ 5 min.

Note: Ton - US ton, MT - Metric Ton


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